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The invention of the spear more than 500,000 years ago is regarded as an important milestone in human development history. The spear made it possible for the first-time huntsman to make large and hitherto unachievable spoils, but the huntsman could now remain a long distance from prey and in secret.

He did not have to be a fast runner and no experienced specialist anymore and stalked himself far less elaborately. The spear was thus the first distance weapon and one of the most important evolutionary steps of man and justified his extraordinary success.

SPEARHED (German: Speerspitze) represents this, transferred to today's business life for its clients.

We act for our customers in international markets and we appear to be their external resources.

Our customers rely on our marksmanship, expertise and experience in the respective approach, and thus avoid a very high initial effort, which would be necessary to become active themselves. They must first "get out of the cover", if the environment was prepared by us in their sense and based on their requirements.